Primus concert review

by Darryl.

The Warehouse, Toronton, Canada. November 7, 1999.

Well my dream came true when I was sitting in the Limousine riding on the way to Toronto with four of my buddies finally getting the chance to see the BAND. The world.s greatest band. PRIMUS!!!

After a 5 hour Limo ride from North Bay to Toronto we arrived at the Warehouse at 7:30 and doors weren.t scheduled to open until 8 but there was already a mile long line of people waiting to bombard the Warehouse and getting a glimpse of the three musical geniuses.

After waiting for approximately 30 minutes, the man the myth hit the stage. BUCKETHEAD. with his traditional KFC bucket and his hand puppet that he carries around with him. He started at 8:50 and his show lasted approximately 25 minutes which kicked serious ass for the entire time he was up on stage. At times during his set he would through his guitar around and start doing some nun chuck solos and some karate like maneuvers. Buckethead then left the stage with everyone in the venue chanting his name.

INCUBUS then hit the stage and ripped the air waives for about 45 minutes with a few of their new tunes off of their new record, and of course A Certain Shade of Green. They contained a pretty solid set but I think their lead singer is a fag. My friend described Incubus as a Hardcore Chick Band and I couldn.t agree more. Their guitarist, bass player and their DJ Snuggles kicked some serious ASS.

After the roadies took down all of Incubus. stuff and set up Brain.s drums and tuned Ler and Les. shit and after Shamblin. Bear ran around the stage like a Chicken with his head cut off, it was time to go.

Then finally the lights dimmed low, and the theme from James Bond started to play and everyone started chanting .Primus Sucks!. That.s when it hit me that I was there and it was no dream. Over the speakers you could hear a slight bass riff being played that was Les backstage. As he walked out on stage you could hear that it was To Defy the Laws of Tradition and when they started to rip, the lights turned on and there Les was armed with his new Carl Thompson 4 String, dressed in Camo with his Chips Helmet and sort of a clown mask on. In the middle of To Defy Les stopped and proceeded to say .this is what you call a full house. This building is filled up to it.s maximum capacity.. Les then introduced Ler as a fine French Canadian man then proceeded with .Suppose the Taxman he comes to town.. "Sgt. Baker" proceeded that then the self titled Anti Pop which ripped. Duchess was a total surprise and it contained Brain doing a little drum solo in the middle. Then they played THE BEST LIVE PRIMUS SONG, Those Damn Blue Collared Tweekers which contained the Ballad of Buckethead. After Les then switched basses and ripped out .My Name is Mud., which featured a nun chuck solo by Buckethead. Then it was none other than Jerry. In the middle of Jerry Les stopped and gave a brief history of Primus, saying they started out in the early 60.s right up to where they are now. He then proceeded with .Dog Will Hunt!. At one point Les made a comment to the crowd not to through anything on stage, because someone threw a dead fish on stage. He then continued to play but got angry because the stain didn't get picked up Les almost fell on his ass. He then looked at a roadie and made a "come here finger gesture with a grin on his face" telling them to clean it up.

After Jerry it was .The Final Voyage of the Liquid Sky., which was good. It changed my perspective on the song. What would be a Primus show without .Groundhog.s Day. which featured Les referring to Ler as .Ler Santana.. Then my favorite Anti Pop song, Laquer Head. They then ended with .Harold of the Rocks..

After about 10 minutes of cheering, Primus came back out for an encore. Les sporting his ever popular Pig Mask, proceeded to tell the crowd that the show was over and it.s time to go. He then introduced the song Electric Uncle Sam, and when he started to play we had some technical difficulties. Ler then threw in his two cents and said it.s actually called .Stairway to Heaven. and was getting the crowd to get their lighters out. They then proceeded to play .Electric Uncle Sam. and .Pudding Time.

They then walked off of the stage with Les giving a sinister smirk and waving to the crowd.

This show was amazing. Primus played for about 85 minutes which seemed like 20 minutes but I got my money.s worth. Ler sported a .Big Brother. T-shirt with a Boston Red Sox or St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap, I really can.t remember and Brain had his traditional toque.

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