Primus concert review

by Jeremy Gates.

Uptown Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri, USA. November 27, 1999.

Alright. First of all, I was in the pit, waiting for buckethead to come on. I went out to go to the bathroom, and when I came back out, I looked on a mic stand, and there was that mask that buckethead talks with on videoplasty. I asked my friend, "how did that get there?" and he just simply said, "i dont know, I didn't see. It just appeared." Anyways, we waited, and finally buckethead came out carrying one of those stiff dog leashes that you can buy at the haunted mansion in disneyland. It makes it look like you have a ghost dog. Then he picked up his guitar and just started playing to a bunch of stuff straight off of "monsters and robots." Once in a while, he would set down his guitar while the background music would still be playing, and would just start dancing, or crawling around the light fixtures. He played one song from Colma. Then, left. Next Incubus came on. They were a lot better than I thought they would be. They really got the crowd going and everyone just about killed eachother before primus even came on! The lighting on there show was fabulous. During the middle of there set, some guy had ripped a fire-extinguisher off of the wall, and started spraying it. Security grabbed the guy and kicked him out. Before Incubus got off stage, they thanked the crowd for having such nice smelling weed, then left. Finally around 10:10, Primus came on starting with Sgt. Baker. Les walked out with an army suit on, and a pig mask with the bottom lip missing so it looked like he was the pig. After a couple songs, he took it off and proceeded to wear his blue-glittery army hat. If you want a recording of this, contact me. They ended there set with Harold of the Rocks and got off stage. Then everyone started yelling, "PRIMUS SUCKS", so they came back out with buckethead and les did an impression of Porky pig. "uh beah uh beah uh beah beah beah uh beah uh beah beah electric uncle sam"! And then they started playing. After that, les said it was up to the crowd whether or not they played JErry or Puppies. Since the crowd was not much help, he singled out a kid wearing braces in the front. The kid insisted that they play FISH ON, but les said they couldn;t. So les just simply said, "Alright, I wanna play puppies", and they played it. In the middle, les played jerry was a racecar driver (two verses of it), to the puppies beat and tempo. Quite hilarious. They ended the song, Les said, "Sayanora", and that was it!

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