Primus concert review

by Natan Khishchenko

Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY. October 27, 1993.

Primus played for about 1hr 40min. This is all I remember. YYZ/Bastards was the opener and Mr Know It All was one of two encores, but the rest is out of order. They only played half of Toys and then went straight into Pudding Time. They did lots off of Pork Soda, which I didn't own at the time. There were definitely a bunch of tunes done on electric upright (maybe Krinkle or the Air is getting Slippery, but don't quote me on these). Ler definitely pulled out the banjo and did Pork Chop's Little Ditty at some point, which I believe is fairly rare live. There was also a longish medley which included DMV. Les played most of the show on the 6 string Carl Thompson fretless.

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