Primus concert review

by Natan Khishchenko.

Dome Arena, Rochester NY, USA. October 16, 1997.

You already have the set list for this and it's correct. primus played for 90 min. The show was good but the band did not seem to be in a good mood: Southbound was aborted after 2min after a fan hit Claypool with a shoe (Claypool remarked that 'shit like that cut the set list short' and they went into the next song) and during some other song this guy got onstage and security couldn't get him off- the band kept playing but they were looking at this guy like 'do we play or do we run for cover?' (more bad fan experiences for Ler). Ler played a long solo on Bob's Party Time Lounge. They finished with a longish version of Bastards with an audience sing along initiated by Les (first time I've heard something like that at a Primus show).

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