Primus concert review

by Patrick.

Dome Arena, Rochester NY, USA. October 16, 1997.

Another show where the setlist was brought back to me through the magical art known as bootlegging. From this show I really remember liking it. It seemed like the show never seemed to end. During Southbound Pachyderm however Les was hit by a shoe. All I remember about that was I was all into Pachyderm (one of my favorite songs) and all of a sudden it ends. It really ticked me off. It was only the beginning of the 2nd verse. Oh well. I guess that's what you get when people decide to take it upon themselves to chuck stuff up at the band. The quality on the bootleg I would give a B+ or an A. The accoustics at the Arena probably didnt help the taping though. It's a pretty old dome.

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