Primus concert review

by Doug Swenson.

Embassy Music Hall, Orlando, FL, USA. October 10, 1997.

It was great; we got there in good time. Powerman 5000 played, I didnt like these guys much. Then Buck O'Nine played, they suck. We only stayed for half the primus set cause my ride was leaving. But Primus kicked total ass, good pit going. At the end of the show a lady was setting some Primus posters out for fans to get. Well me and my friend took all of them. A guy turned to me and said, "Where you get those?" I said "Over there." He said "You took them all." So we ran. They chased. We got away with kickass Brown Album posters. Great show. Except for the other bands.

At the end when we were running out, Buck O'Nine said "Hey guys, wanna buy t-shirts for only 10 bucks instead of 20?" We said, "All I got is a Buck O'Nine, will that do?" They laughed and said no. We said "you guys suck", and left.

Oh yeah the emabassy is now a strip club.

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