Primus set list

by Anthony.

Cains Ballroom, Tulsa, OK. February, 11, 2000.

This was my second time to see Primus. The first being Ozzfest, this show immediately surpassed Ozzfest because it was longer as well as that it was in a very small ballroom ( 1200 people). POD opened and got everyones attention (especially the mosh pit). After their set finished is when I asked Primus's light board operator Heath if I could have the setlist he said yes and I got it during Harold. Primus went on about 10:20. The lights at this show were very simple just 4 racks and soome on the stage that projected different things onto the ceiling. Les stopped To Defy before the last verse to comment about the surrounding and how much pot he has smoked in h is lifetime. The musical highlights were definitely Antipop, In the Flesh, Tweekers (with the Toys go Winding Down), Lacquer Head, and Harold of the Rocks (Ler tried to play the solo while holding the guitar over his head and really screwed it up).

After Harold when I got the setlist I noticed that no encores were written. Can anyone clarify why they do this? DO they decide what to play on the audeinces response? Or is it something else? Anyways they returned with Les wearing the Mr. Krinkle pig mask and played Electric uncle same and Too many puppies.

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