Primus concert review

by Natan Khishchenko.

Supper Club, New York, NY. September 5, 1996.

Masque is Vernon Reid's new band. Holy Mackerel were Les, Brain, MIRV (rhythm/lead guitar), and Joe Gore (rhythm guitar). They played for 60min. Les explained how Running the Gauntlet was his attempt to write a Beatles tune ('this song shows I can rip off the Beatles as well as anyone else"). Rancor had an extended jam with MIRV, Les, and Brain each taking two or three breaks/short solos between repetitions of the chorus. Then Ler came onstage ( in a Zorro type face mask for some reason), played some weird shit on a bass clarinet, and left. Les then announced that Brain was the new Primus drummer (this is right after he joined, so this was pretty much news to me at the time, although i had heard rumors of Herb leaving). Calling Kyle was jammed out and ended with the musicians walking off one by one until Brain was left grooving alone, so he stopped the song. Before the Awakening, Les explained how it was one of his favorite bass solos and that it was a song written by Otis Redding's kids (this same explanation shows up in the Bass Player article the Captain Stands Alone).

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