Primus - Freak Out (ROIO)

by Raj Iyer.

Tracks 1-4:   Los Angeles, CA, 12/11/93
Tracks 5-14:  Mountain View, CA, 6/22/93

LABEL:          HAWK
Total Time:     71:32
Sound Quality:  Tracks 1-4 = A, Tracks 5-14 = A-

Tracks 1-4 (Jazz/Funk section): Jerry Was a Racecar Driver, John the Fisherman, Groundhog's Day, Medley: Staying Alive + Don't you Want Me + Afternoon Delight + Rock and Roll All Night + Biko.

(Note: Les, Ler, and Herb announce themselves as "Bob Cock and Yellow Sock", and claim Bob Cock is back stage. They do various versions of Primus songs in a jazzy (semi-Phish) style. Then some more fellows come on stage and they do a medley of covers.)

Tracks 5-14 ("Normal Primus" section): Nature Boy, Bob, Jerry Was a Racecar Driver, Fish On, My Name is Mud, Those Damned Blue Collar Tweakers, Seas of Cheese + Pork Soda, Mr. Krinkle, Hamburger Train, Thieves (Ministry)

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