Primus - Europe '93 (ROIO)

by Raj Iyer.

EUROPE 1990/93
Tracks 1-6:   England, 8/29/93
Tracks 7-14:  Europe, 1990*

LABEL:          RED LINE
Total Time:     74:34
Sound Quality:  A

Tracks 1-6
Here Come the Bastards, Those Damned Blue Collar Tweakers, Bob, My Name is
Mud, Mr. Krinkle, Jerry Was a Racecar Driver

Tracks 7-14*
The Toys Go Winding Down, Frizzle Fry, John the Fisherman,
Spaghetti Western, Harold of the Rocks, Groundhog's Day, Too Many Puppies

*  This is from the same show as "Madhouse".

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