A Friendly Departure

Official Statement about Tim Alexander leaving Primus, May 1996.

Primus and drummer Tim Alexander have parted ways. "It's something the three of us have discussed for a while." said bassist/vocalist Les Claypool. "We all want to take the music in different directions. Unfortunately for Tim, Larry (Lalonde) and I tend to want similar things creatively." Claypool added, "This difference in opinion I think left everyone less than satisfied. Over time this developed into a rift that was eating away at the stability of the band. After the last touring season it was evident to all of us that something needed to change. "

"As we all know, Tim is an excellent drummer and I'm sure we'll see great things from him in future projects," Claypool continued. "As for Primus, Larry and I are extrenely excited to move forward and will announce our new drummer soon. We are now writing and plan to start recording in December. I would like to see Primus continue well on into the next century - our new drummer will reflect that same attitude."

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