The Cheesy Primus Ring

Welcome to the Cheesy Primus Ring! I created this so fans of this self-indulgent band can traverse the seas of cheese and have easy access to various Primus-related links on the www (and only Primus-related links count).

Add your Primus-related site!

Please follow all these instructions before e-mailing me asking me to be added:

Before you can join, you need a Primus-related site. Due to overwhelming number of requests asking to be added, we have strengthened the criteria a page must fulfil before it can be added to the ring in the interest of maintaining a high-quality ring that fans can enjoy. To this end, only sites that have substantial original content (i.e., generally more than one page with content not ripped off from other pages) will be added in the future. Please let me know if you encounter a page in the ring that doesn't meet these standards.

To join the ring, go to the join ring page on Webring. Webring will then mail a confirmation to you and point to you a URL where you will be given instructions on installing a server-side navigation bar on the page which you submitted to the Cheesy Primus ring!

I will then take a look at your page and if the server-side navigation bar is in place, I will add to you to the ring shortly. If the server-side Navigation bar is NOT on the page you submitted to the ring, then I will not be able to add you. So please don't ask me to add you until the server-side navigation bar is on your page.

Link up to random site in the Cheesy ring!

You can link up to a random site in this ring by using the URL: 

For example, clicking here will take you to a random page in the ring.

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