Porch - Porch

Damn I'm Lazy

Damn I'm lazy

Little White Cracker

Little White Cracker give me a bat

My Ragin' Ragged Booty

My Ragin' Ragged Booty I would often wonder why my fallin' down
brings you pleasure it's cuz you like to see me that in a hard way my
father monkey likes me to be here even though we caged the races wine
brings your here disappearing and you with it my name my number then
there's you raging breaking my backbone come on ride already big
fucking deal that night and I'm certain it's waiting in a flight
monkeys gone still you're raging raging the same breaking my backbone
it's been like I'm begging you and I started wreckin' the house again
anybody's name engraves your brain look at how she this time come on
ride already


Morning night will I ever be the same never loved the easy ones
give it a hard one land lover you never gave me enough control come
around here come and sit a moment so boring so few never really
noticed take a shower and I really mean it if the water's cold don't
drown in it you never gave me enough of your location jack around goes
around and around in change always changin' they say

Your Hair

I'm trippin' on your hair I'm trippin' I don't care take it
build anouther engine up


Had a chance to change the world feelings from down under
complicate the voice that's in my heart feelings from down under
complicate I believe in christ to save me lordy paid the price to nail
me feelings from down underground feelings start to complicate

Bum Holy

Muscles where they don't belong jawbone push me in the street
after it's all over you think you got the power quiet believer no need
to call out my name got the shortest fuse when your mouth it starts to
move bit by bit your yelling eats away my head gonna lie in the gutter
until you beat my head dead until then I'll just be quiet droop lipped
shove your teeth into your mouth but god I reallylove you tie my dick
around my neck till it snaps would be better than you piercing my ears
with your spoiled brat needs taking up my time when I could be doing
something to make it financially easier then you'll be a real bitch
and shop hard everyday and we'd stay broke but I'd be working twice as
hard smash my face into the ground smash my face into the cement
that's the way I feel whenever you ask me to do something for you go
climb a mountain and do your shouting I like humping you even though
the next day I'm your work slave you love me for my money don't you
here take this money shove it up your ass till it comes out of your
nostril cuz I'm Bum Holy go climb a mountain and do your shouting


Sitting on a iceburg with a polar bear nothing but my three axes
here suddenly I notice I'm all alone don't want to fall into the bay I
feel great my nerves feel great the polar bear jumps into the sea
crashing and kicking don't want to find you out know your so crazy but
I'm insane sitting on an iceburg in the bay all other ice melts away I
see an island far away I'm still ok I pull up to a dirt mound and a
man gives me some bread crashing kick don't want to wake up I climb up
the dirt mound reach for her hand them she's somewhere else again
crashing and kicking don't make the day

Bulbous Head

Maybe I should just go get a job so I can pay the reant maybe I
should just hold my breath until my face turns blue maybe I should go
rub my hog or go blow up a bridge stick my head in a sewer drain and
sing a hymn Bulbous Head Bulbous Head maybe I should go get robbed or
go fight a plague show her I can be superman and life some big weights
maybe I should go make some food pretend everything I own is new go
and see a nun and have that fun Bulbous Head Bulbous Head if I drank
red lightning would be the same if I drank red lightning would I be to
blame hot days are here again and I'm alone again maybe I should go
get with a razor blade Bulbous Head Bulbous Head

Tatooed Love Boys


Palm Hair



Todd Huth - guitar.
Christopher Frey - bass.
David Ayer - drums.
Produced by Porch & Ron Rigler.
Recorded at Laughing Tiger, Mu-tron, & Different Fur.
All songs written by Porch, DOrk (bmi) Except * -C. Hynde, Welbeck Music (ascap).
Photography and graphics by Sergie Graphics.

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