Tales from the Punchbowl CD+ FAQ

by Ty Roberts.

What is enhanced CD?

Enhanced CD is a new format for audio CDs that includes multimedia data that can be read by personal computers and data that can be read by smart CD players. The discs work exactly like an audio CDs in audio players and provides bonus multimedia information when played on personal computers.

Who is ION?

ION is a San Rafael based interactive record label and technology developer. ION has produced and/or published interactive music projects with David Bowie, Brian Eno, Todd Rundgren, PRIMUS and The Residents.

Who is PRIMUS?

Les Claypool, Larry Lalonde, Tim Alexander. Tales from the Punchbowl is their fifth album release.

Who is Prawnsong Designs?

Prawnsong Designs is the Interactive wing of Les Claypool's record label, Prawnsong.

Who made the disc?

Les and Larry did original 3D graphics that define the look of the disc. They also scripted all of the interactive content and created 3D animation's and VR scenes. Adam (Bob Cock) Gates implemented 3D files and created animations. Artists and engineers from ION created the song animations and interface from PRIMUS script and did the programming.

How was PRIMUS involved?

PRIMUS created all the music, original art and concepts for the disc. They were intimately involved in all phases of production.

Where can I buy it?

Tales from the Punchbowl will be available in record stores and through the computer software retail channel.

Do I need a certain kind of CD ROM drive or special driver software to use the disc?

No. Tales from the Punchbowl uses the new Mixed Mode Type 2 formatting technology and is compatible with most existing CD ROM drives and drivers. No upgrade is necessary.

What software was used to create the product?

KPT Bryce was used to create the 3d environments. Programming was done in macromedia director. Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and other tools were used for image processing and animation.

What's on the disc?

13 songs, full length animation for all the songs on the disc (13), a VR tour of the recording studio, a play the drums section, discography, photos, games, full length video of "wynonna's big brown beaver", and an exclusive making of video that goes behind the scenes at the filming of the beaver video.

How good is the audio quality of the enhanced portion?

Punchbowl uses the actual CD audio tracks in the interactive portion of the disc.

What kind of computer is required?

Tales from the Punchbowl runs on any Macintosh with a 68040 or Power PC processor, 256 color display and 8 megs or greater of RAM The same disc also runs on any 486 or pentium MPC under Windows 3.1 or WIN 95. Sound card, and 640 x 480 x 256 color display and 8meg ram are required. 16 meg ram is recommended for Win95.

Does it run on Windows?

Yes, Tales From The Punchbowl runs under Win95 and Windows 3.1. A double speed CD ROM drive, 640x480 256 color display resolution, sound blaster or windows compatible sound card and 8 megabytes of RAM are required. 16 megabytes of ram recommended for Win 95.

Can I play the disc in my audio CD player?

Yes in addition to the computer data the full length audio CD is included. The computer data is hidden from audio players. The disc is mastered using mixed mode type 2 formatting to ensure compatibility with all audio players as well as almost all CD ROM drives.

Where can I get the CD+?

The CD+ version of TftP is now in the stores! You can also order it by directly calling Interscope at (800) 807-2696.

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