Les speaks...

Taken from Rolling Stone 749, December 12, 1996.

FORREST GUMP- "I can quote almost any line from it."

JEAN SHEPHERD- "He wrote 'A Christmas Story' - remember the kid and the BB gun? He narrated the movie version, too."

A FACE IN THE CROWD- "It has Andy Griffith in it. A phenomenal movie."

FLORIDA- "When we tour, I always make sure we spend a couple days in the Keys. I enjoy diving, but I lost a good portion of my hearing from it. I ruptured my inner ear. The scar tissue cut out some of the high frequencies. It's probably not the best sport I could have taken up."

RAIN DOGS (Tom Waits)- "We listened to it a lot in our early days, cruising around in a 76 Dodge conversion van, pulling a trailer with six smelly guys in it. Pink Floyd and Rain Dogs. It brings back memories."

POPEYE- "All they show on the Cartoon Network are the colorized versions of the old black-and-white cartoons. They've completelt ruined them. I damn Ted Turner for doing that. It's like taking a 57 Chevy and putting air bags in it."

WOOSTOCK 94- "We just showed up for the gig. I had a blast. I still have mud on my bass cabinet when I sang 'My Name is Mud' and big clumps of sod came flying."

CHARLES BUKOWSKI- "I've read 'Women' a couple of times. I've read a lot of Bukowski."

HOLLAND- "A fine place."

SINGLE-MALT WHISKEYS- "I've gotten some of the worst hangovers from single-malts. So I just drink Absolut and orange juice. Don't want no Smirnoff. You also can't beat Guinness in a can. You know, Abbot Ale has a similar depth charger in it."

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