M.I.R.V. official press release

M.I.R.V. emerged about a two and a half years ago with their forst gig at the Greek Theatre in Berkley, supporting Primus on their West Coast tour. M.I.R.V again melted down the West Coast supporting sold out shows with Fishbone.

M.I.R.V.'s debut album, Cosmodrome, was released last year by Les Claypool's Prawn Song Records and has been distributed world wide. The first single, "Shave My Face Off", is released on many compilation releases, including OHM Records' Go Big! with Sausage, 311, and Sublime.

"Shave", directed by Mark Kohr (Primus, Green Day, Alanis Morisette, No Doubt, Tori Amos), was the band's firs vidoe release. The video is in rotation on Beavis and Butthead's "Buy Beer" episode. In addition the video was added to many programming lists and earned critical acclaim. The video has also been distributed in the tens of thousands on an Apple CD ROM, along with videos from Todd Rundgren and George Clinton.

M.I.R.V.'s lineup is comprised of MIRV (guitar, vocals and cross-cut saw), Kehoe (guitar, vocals, fire and the nose whistle), Craig McFarland (bass, trumpet and various low freakquencies), and Jeff Gomes (drums and driving the tractor). Recently, the band has mastered the ancient arts of lawn bowling and shuffle board.

M.I.R.V. has just completed their new album, Feeding Time On Monkey Island. Two of the tracks are available on their new 7" single "Hold in Hand and Jerk".

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