Sprint PCS experience

I also have a complaint about Sprint PCS.

I am writing this to express my gratitude and my appreciation for the service I received at the Sprint PCS store on 843 Mission street in San Francisco, CA on August 12, 2005.

The service I received was exemplary. The moment I walked in with a problem, the store manager Ricky Siu promptly offered an excellent solution and worked with me along with his coworkers in a rapid and efficient manner and had me leaving a satisfied customer in a few minutes (I had expected to replace an expensive phone but I ended up with only $25 out of my pocket and two new phones for me and my wife!). Given the missteps I've had Sprint PCS stores before (including one where my phone was programmed incorrectly), this level of service was refreshing.

It is common for people to voice complaints when things don't go right, and I feel it is equally necessary to voice compliments when people provide exception service. Both Ricky and his coworkers made my day a pleasure.

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