Jacuzzi Premium J385 and AquaQuip experience

We purchased a brand new Jacuzzi Premium J385 from AquaQuip (the Lake Stevens store north of Seattle, WA). The sales experience (Frank was the representative) was pleasant and low-pressure. It was delivered on Tuesday, May 31 2005. The electrical work (including the inspection) was completed on Friday, thanks to our general contractor (Happy House Construction) really moving heaven and earth to get stuff done, especially since we had a hot tub party scheduled for the weekend.

I filled in the hot tub, started running it, and added all the chemicals. When that was done, I let it go so it would heat up. It heated up to 77 degrees and then just stopped, with a bunch of gibberish on the console. I turned the power off and on and it started heating again for about 10-15 minutes, and then turned off. Tried this several times and the same thing happened each time. No hot tub party.

Saturday morning, I called AquaQuip and since it was the weekend, they said the service people would call first thing in the morning on Monday. To make a long story short, Willie, the general manager at the AquaQuip store and Dennis, a service technician moved heaven and earth to replace the circuit board (including Willie intercepting a truck containing the part on his day off) and it was finished by Wednesday. This was particularly important to us since my wife was leaving for a long vacation on Friday.

We did get to spend some time in the hot tub on Wednesday, as the hot tub had heated up to about 95 degrees. However, at 95 degrees, the temperature sensor malfunctioned (SN 3 code) and the heater stopped working. Called Willie the manager around 10p that night and he promised to look into it first thing in the morning on Thursday. By Thursday evening, another service technician (Kellen) came over to fix the problem (though he didn't have the sensor for the J385). At this point, after he removed the sensor and put it back, it started heating and by late evening, the hot tub was as hot as we wanted it. Friday, Caleb came back with the correct sensor, but didn't do anything since everything was working fine (though he did promise to come out on a Saturday if things went awry).

It has now been more than a month since the hot tub was fixed and it has been working perfectly.

My view: Things break, especially things with electronics. Given that, since it was an absolute brand new spa, fixing the spa should have been AquaQuip's highest priority. In my view, they did not disappoint at all in this regard. I am glad Willie tried to move heaven and earth to make it happen, and that made the experience all the more bearable. I highly recommend AquaQuip to anyone and I'm right now enjoying the spa a great deal. The level of service I experienced gives me hope that should anything happen that requires emergency support, AquaQuip will do their best on my behalf.

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