Sprint PCS experience

I also have a compliment about Sprint PCS.

I was signing up for Sprint PCS on their web page and their ordering processing system reported an error. (Which begs the question of why in the world would a company which depends on volume make its order interface any more complicated than it has to be? Why use Java, sophisticated/non-standard HTML, etc. when it can be accomplished much more efficiently and universally without?) Fine. I called the number I was supposed to call and they put me on hold for an hour. Fine. I finally get frustrated, and call again, and they say their offices are closed. Fine. Next morning I call and after a smaller hold time, I get through and they tell me my order didn't go through (and what's more, they can't give me the rebate that was advertised on their web page the day before).

So I went for the instant gratification solution. I like the service itself, but it seems to me that their staffing isn't adequate. In response to my complaints, I just got a form letter, which is nothing but words.

Just something to keep in mind if you're considering Sprint---if you have a problem with your mobile phone, you might have to wait a long time before you get through!

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