Qwest experiences

The sum of this writeup is that you should avoid dealing with Qwest if you can!

Qwest DSL

I'm a pretty laid back person and like to give businesses an opportunity to try fix mistakes they make (we all make mistakes), and I can even laugh at this, but this is the chain of events that leads me to think that Qwest is the most incompetent company I've dealt with:

Each time I call, I keep getting the runaround and I end up having these conference calls with 2-3 departments at a time which can take as long as an hour. It really can't be that hard, can it?

Qwest ISP

They subscribed me to the wrong ISP service! Again, after a lot of runaround, I got it changed to the right service I hope).

Qwest local phone service

When I signed up with Qwest for phone service, they didn't mention anything about long-distance. (I believe they should've.) No matter. When I needed long-distance, I called them and signed up for service. Everything goes smoothly for a month or so and then suddenly they turned off my long-distance service. I call them and ask them to turn it on again. After two days, it again gets disconnected!

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