Abbreviation Comic
ASD The Adventurous Uncle Scrooge McDuck
CBLCS The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories
CBLDDA The Carl Barks Library of Donald Duck Adventures
CBLGG The Carl Barks Library of Gyro Gearloose Comics
CBLUSOP The Carl Barks Library of Uncle Scrooge One Pagers
CD Chip 'n' Dale
CG Cheerios Giveaway
CID Christmas in Disneyland
CP Christmas Parade
CS Walt Disney's Comics and Stories
DM Walt Disney's Donald and Mickey
DRE Don Rosa's Early McDuck Adventures
DT Ducktales
FC Four Colour
FH The Fox and the Hound
G Goofy
GA Goofy Adventures
GG Gyro Gearloose
LT The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck
MC March of Comics
MD Walt Disney's Mickey and Donald
MM Mickey Mouse
MMA Mickey Mouse Almanac
PB The Phantom Blot
PIP Picnic Party
PP Walt Disney's Comics Penny Pincher
SCEKG Southern California Edison Kite Giveaway
SF Summer Fun
SS Silly Symphonies
T Topolino
US Uncle Scrooge
USA Uncle Scrooge's Adventures
USDD Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck
USGd Uncle Scrooge Goes to Disneyland
VD Vacation in Disneyland
VP Vacation Parade
WDG Walt Disney Giant
WDIC Walt Disney Comics in Color
WVHE William Van Horn's Early McDuck Adventures
(C) Cover
(G) Gag